Free downloadable music for solos & ensembles 

Percussion solos

Solo Flyer  An easy timpani solo involving 2 timpani.. Some sixteenth notes and rolls.

Kettle Corn A timpani solo that is medium level.  Three timpani needed

El Cumbanchero (mallet solo with piano)

Fiery and playable for younger and intermediate student

Stickplay -Middle school and easy high school

T.C.'s Dance- T.C.'s Dance is a grade 2+ Field Drum solo that uses changes in time signature and tempo while retaining a rudimental style.

Alpha One- Alpha One is a drumset solo using the standard four piece set.  It's a fun grade 2+ solo showcasing different grooves and styles.

Sticky Business- Middle School and easy high school

Just North of Here- A marimba solo that introduces 3 mallets

Flicker Sticks- middle school drum solo

Bringing Heat- middle school snare drum solo

Pass in Review -Medium easy for HS

Elements  -An easy entrance to a 4 mallet marimba solo

Turbo Boost- medium easy for middle school snare drum

Thunder Drummer - medium easy for middle school or advanced 6th

You'r on a Roll, So Buzz Off! -A Fun new Snare solo by Kurtis Koch (good for HS)

Bella's Walk- Kurtis'Koch cool marimba solo

Flam-Boyant-  An excellent snare drum solo by Kurtis Koch

Tee Time -A snare drum solo with back sticking and diddles, grade 3ish

General Lee-a new snare drum solo from Kurtis Koch, dedicated to Bob Lee  great for High School snare drummer

Warning High Velocity-A very challenging snare drum solo from Kurtis Koch

Stick Wars- A snare drum solo that will have audiences on the "rim" of their seats

Developmental Snare Studies -Exercises designed to help beg. or intermediate snare drummers obtain an approach to warming up and developing the snare drum rollTest Solo

We To​ Contest Snare Drum solo grade 2 1/2.  Usage of Drags and rim playing.​

​The Long and Short of It​  A contest solo for snare drum grade level 2.

Give a Flam ​​"Give A Flam is a grade 2 snare solo by American born German composer Gustav Von Trommel (aka Kurtis Koch) The solo is in 6/8 time and, you guessed it, features the Flam.

Waltz for Marimba  “Waltz for Marimba is a grade 2 1/2 work for three medium yarn marimba mallets.”