Free downloadable music for solos & ensembles 

Music for Ensembles

Clarinet Choir

Spinning Song  4 Bb Clarinets, 1 Bb Bass Clarinet Great for middle school and easy high school.

Marche Militaire 4 Bb clarinets, 1 Bass clarinet,  medium easy for hs, difficult for ms

Irish March
 4 Bb clarinets, 1 Bass Clarinet, good for MS

Flute Trio

Miami Beach Rhumba

Elementary or Middle school level  

Cha Cha for Flute  for middle school flutes

Sax Choir 

Sweet, Sweet Spirit    3 Altos, 2 Tenors, Bari

Marching in the Light of God   3 Altos, 2 Tenors, 1 Bari

Perfidia   A sax quartet for middle or easy hs (2 Alto, tenor, bari, opt drumset)

Miami Beach Rumba for Alto Sax Trio  Great for middle school and easy high school players

American Patrol (A. sax trio) For high school alto trio with piano acc.

El Cumbanchero  South of the border alto sax trio with piano acc.

Trumpet Trio

Trumpet Tango 

 3 Trumpets, piano,  great for Middle school

Brass Choir

Marching in the Light of God  (2 trumpets, 1 F horn, tuba, Euphonium, Trombone) on reuqest: treble cleff parts (great for hs)

Percussion Ensembles

Santa in the House  

a 10 instrument perc ensemble (4 mallets)

Comfort and Joy 

A mallet percussion ensemble featuring a medley of "Joy to the World" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"  (HS or MS)

Percussion on the High Plains 

A percussion ensemble for middle school from Kurtis Koch

Four to Go    

A snare drum quartet for middle school drummers

Star Spangled Banner 

scored for 4 mallets, BD, and snare.  Easy

Rhythmatical a drum quartet from Kurtis Koch for MS or HS  

Here is link to  a youtube video of a student performing this piece virtually​

Cool Breeze (Mallet trio) Great for 6-8 grade levels or easy hs

Shaker Con Queso  

snare, bd, auz, timp, 2 mallet parts
good for high school

Drums Cubed

snare, tenor, bd  for middle school

Behind Enemy Lines 
   Snare, BD, Xylo, Temple Blocks, Cym, Timp     
for Middle school and easy high school

Urban Spice   

A rhythm ensemble using bass guitar and drumset as well as 4 mallets, conga, aux, and timbales.  medium MS, easy HS

Home Town Kochin'  Snare, BD, Xylo, Cym, Quads, Timp
High School Level

Proud Mary   (Marching perc feature)  snare, quads, 4 bd, mallets,
bass (optional)

Firing on All Pistons 

4 snare drums, bd, timp    6, 7, 8th grade players

Burger Boogie  

"rhythm ensemble" with bass guitar and drum set with mallets.  medium for HS 
Island Dance 

 "Rhythm ensemble" with b guitar, drumset and optional steel drum.   Medium for HS

Takin' 5    3 snare drums, bd, and timp. (for beginning to middle school players)

  4 mallets, sn, timp, cym, tom, bd,  (high school advanced)

Fanfare for Four  4 mallets .  Easy for HS, medium for MS

Rock for Mack   3 Snares, 1 bd, medium for HS

Powering Up 

 3 snares, 1 bd, medium for HS

Conflict Resolution

   snare, bd, tem blcks, bongo, timp, 3 mallets, chimes, tri, timbales, and more.   easy to medium high school

Penguin Soup  

Mallet quartet, Medium HS


  large ensemble 5 mallets, snare, bd, cowbell, timbales
medium for MS, easy for HS

Drum Cadence 2013  

great for high school lines, additional backing sticking and cross sticking recommended

Drum Cheers  

 4 bar "cadences" for snare, quad and bass drums

Drumline Cheers II 

4 more short drum line cheers

Battle Call  

 A trio for two snare drums and bass drum that is perfect for middle school 

Oasis A cool percussion ensemble involving bongos by Kurtis Koch

Perspectives Double percussion ensemble for 12 players.  Medium difficult.  

Calypso Dance a catchy trio for 3 mallet players.  

Jazzy Cheer
 A short cheer built on the blues scale

Trash ensembles

Bucket Boys   

Middle school 4 differrent parts


High School level  4 different parts

Trashin' It Up   

 A trash piece for 3 types of instruments

Dueling Buckets  a piece written for a roomful of bucket players or just two.

Marching Band Music

Raise the Bar 

Blues on the Move 

Turn it Up

​Latin Dreams

Power Surge

Drum cheer (with horn parts)

Go for the Gold